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Paul R. Nitz

Paul was blessed to be born and reared into a home with authentic Christian parents, and to grow up in a church family where the Bible was clearly taught and revered as God’s very Word. He understood and responded to the gospel as a child, then reconfirmed his faith as a teenager when he committed his life to Christian ministry. Paul studied at Bob Jones University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and continued to graduate school where he earned a Master’s Degree in Theology. Since then he has served as a lead pastor and church planter in western Pennsylvania and lower Delaware, and for the last fifteen plus years as a teaching pastor at Sonrise Church, Berlin MD. In 2023 the concept of the “Share the Word Podcast” was born at the urging of several friends. When you tune in you’ll hear in each episode, not only that Paul has a serious grasp of the big ideas in the New Testament, but how they affect his own heart and mind as he shares lots of illustrations from his life’s experiences. Besides teaching and mentoring, Paul enjoys antique collecting, fishing, and can beat most people on the planet at spades! You can reach him by using our contact form and choosing Paul. If you enjoy the podcast, he’ll enjoy hearing from you!

Tony Pace

Antonio Pace Parente, originally from Waltham, MA is known as Tony Pace. His life made a dramatic detour on March 8 2020 when after over 4 decades of a life spent entertainment industry’s spotlight, a profound transformation took place and like Simon, Tony dropped his net to follow Christ. “It was clear that everything that I’d ever done, trained for, and experienced became relevant to this moment and what God had in store for me moving forward.”
Tony trained, studied, and was ordained as a Minister at SonRise Church fulfilling a lifelong journey to the one thing he is most passionate about…The Care of others and sharing of God’s Word. Tony is the Care Ministry Pastor and provides a wide range of assistance to those struggling with life’s challenges. Whether the struggle is spiritual, material, physical, emotional, relational, or financial the Ministry looks to help. “Share The Word became an integral part from the very beginning. My production and recording background serves to assist this great commission project. It is an honor to be part of this amazing growing team whom God brings together for project. You can reach him by using our contact form and choosing Tony. 

Latest Episode

Episode 82: Prayer our Powerful Privilege (James Chapter 5)

This is a post that discusses James Chapter 5 and helps Christians better cultivate a powerful prayer life.

“Do you want to learn the Bible in an understandable, down-to-earth way?  Paul Nitz and “Share The Word” will be the ticket. I’ve known Paul since we were teenagers, and he is simply one of the most gifted teachers I know—clear, relevant, interesting, and theologically sound.  He has my full confidence and I am happy to recommend this podcast”.

Dr. Jeffrey Arthurs

Prof. of Preaching and Communication, Gordon-Conwell Theology Seminary

“Share the Word” is like sharing a gourmet meal. Gifted teacher and theologian Paul Nitz breaks huge biblical truths into understandable bite-sized pieces to spiritually nourish his audience. His studies always help me apply godly principles and then leave me hungry for more!

Margie Biasotto

co-creator "The Amazing Collection"

“My first hand experience of Paul’s gift as a teacher has been profound. His theological grasp and teaching of God’s Word goes beyond what I’d ever experienced. He keeps me on the edge of my seat hungry to learn more, and I retain more than I ever have before. It’s obvious that Paul is unusually gifted at instilling the Word of God in listeners’ hearts and I for one am thrilled about the “Share the Word” podcast”

Tony Pace

Vegas Headliner and Entertainer

“I am a Christian because of the teaching ministry of Paul Nitz. His willingness to allow me to ask the tough questions about Christianity and dialogue in a thoughtful way without becoming defensive was life changing. Paul’s extensive biblical knowledge, intellect, and talent for communication is second to none and I’m more than glad to recommend “Share the Word”. 

Harold Schmidt

Author & Playwright

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